Your Green Party Candidates In Croydon

18 November 2019

Croydon Green Party is pleased to announce our candidates standing in the General Election for your votes on 12 December:

Croydon North    –           Rachel Chance

Croydon Central  –           Esther Sutton

Croydon South    –           Peter Underwood

All of our candidates live in their constituencies. They all have a long record of standing up for local people, working to improve our environment, and campaigning on local, national, and international issues.

At this election every vote for your Green Party candidate is a vote to

  • Tackle the Climate Emergency: We are the only party who will act with the speed and the commitment to deal with the crisis facing us. We will invest in our future through a Green New Deal that will create sustainable jobs;  insulate homes to make them healthier and cheaper to run; and introduce transport policies that will keep the country moving without poisoning the air we breathe.
  • Stop Brexit through a Peoples Vote: We believe that we are better off in the EU and we will campaign to remain but more importantly we believe that the future of our country should be decided democratically, not just by one party forcing through their ideas. A vote for the Greens puts the future back in your hands
  • Change our country for the better: Whether it is restoring our public services; creating a benefit system fit for the modern world; introducing a fairer election system; protecting and defending our rights; or building a better future for ourselves and our children – you know that the Green Party are on your side.

Your vote does make a difference. After this election we will have more Green MPs than ever before and every vote across the country will show that you want a better way of doing politics. If you want to join us in making that happen then sign up here:


Rachel Chance – Croydon North 

Rachel Chance

Rachel Chance is an active environmentalist, campaigning with Extinction Rebellion and volunteering for Crystal Palace Transition Town. Rachel has lived in Crystal Palace for the past 7 years and loves living in Croydon.

Rachel has worked in leadership positions for over ten years in the charity sector. Running an office recycling firm, a charity web design agency and more recently working in community led housing. Running small enterprises, Rachel worked to create good jobs, with a focus on staff wellbeing, training and fair wages, something which she feels everyone should have.

Rachel is a firm believer in clean air for all through cleaner, better public transport. She is grateful for the amazing NHS care she has received and Croydon's wonderful green spaces and will fight to preserve these.


Esther Sutton – Croydon Central  

Esther Sutton

Esther Sutton is Croydon born and bred. She has raised two children here while running her own business. As Landlady of The Oval Tavern, chair of Croydon Pubwatch, and a director of Made In Croydon, Esther has a well-deserved reputation for supporting local performers, local businesses, and community events. 

Esther is a founder member of Croydon Pride and this year helped deliver both the Pride event and the Croydon Mela - bringing thousands of people together to celebrate the wonderful diversity of the borough.

Esther has been campaigning on Green issues for over thirty years and knows that we need to act urgently to tackle the Climate Emergency and loss of biodiversity. She will work to achieve positive changes to ensure we address this crisis at a local and national level.


Peter Underwood – Croydon South

Peter Underwood

Peter has lived in Croydon for nearly twenty years and currently works for a charity supporting community groups to look after our precious parks and woodlands. Peter is also a longstanding member of his local residents’ association and chair of Croydon Friends of the Earth.

Peter has worked in both the Westminster and European Parliaments, so he understands how to make things happen at a local, national and international level.

Peter Underwood is working to put trust back into politics. Having worked with politicians from the other parties Peter recognised that the Green Party were the ones putting forward a different kind of politics. Peter wants to put more power back into people’s hands to create a truly democratic society that works for the good of all of us.

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