Esther Sutton for Fairfield

20 October 2019

The Green Party in Croydon is pleased to announce that Esther Sutton has been selected as the candidate for the Fairfield Ward by-election to Croydon Council.

The Green Party finished third in last year’s Council elections and since then support for the stale establishment parties has fallen dramatically. The residents of Fairfield Ward now have the chance to elect a fresh new voice to represent them on Croydon Council.

Esther Sutton is Croydon born and bred. She has raised two children in Croydon while running local businesses.  As landlady of The Oval Tavern, Esther not only provides a fantastic, welcoming venue for local people to enjoy she has also used this as the base to support local performers and host community events. This carries on the tradition she started in her previous pubs, The Green Dragon and The Ship, both of which are in the Fairfield ward.

As chair of Croydon Pubwatch and a director of Made In Croydon she is a key player in supporting Croydon’s night-time economy and promoting artists and creative talent in the borough. Esther is a founder member of Croydon Pride and this year worked on both the Pride event and the Croydon Mela over the same weekend, bringing thousands of people together to celebrate the wonderful diversity of the borough. 

Esther is promising to focus on the key issues that are important to people in Fairfield Ward:

  • Knife crime is the single most tragic issue in the borough and incidents are more frequent than ever. We need to bring together government agencies, community groups and educators and provide them with the resources they need to tackle root causes.
  • The Westfield development has still not happened, and may never will, and the redevelopment of the Fairfield Halls has had a series of delays and still isn’t complete. Croydon Council has been far too focussed on large scale projects to the detriment of local small businesses and we need to redress the balance.
  • We see plenty of shiny new residential blocks going up around us but our streets and neighbourhoods are full of people who can’t afford to live in them. There also seems little interest in providing the services that are needed alongside the new homes. We need more investment in truly affordable housing, schools, public transport and health services to meet the needs of both Croydon’s new and existing residents.
  • Thousands of people are demonstrating with Extinction Rebellion to save our climate, while locally people are suffering from our filthy air. People are fed up with politicians’ fancy words and false promises – we need Councillors in Croydon that we can trust to act urgently for the sake of our health and the future of our environment.

Esther Sutton said:

“I am so proud of the resilience, diversity and creativity of Croydon. My work in the borough, whether through community pubs, local festivals or supporting small businesses, celebrates Croydon's many strengths and aims to bring people together to make our town a success.

“Croydon Council needs a new start and an injection of fresh Green ideas. I would be truly honoured to be a Councillor in the town I call home and you can trust me to work tirelessly to make Croydon a better place for all of us.”  

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