Vote Green in South Norwood on 7 September

1 September 2017

South Norwood Ward

On Thursday your vote in the South Norwood by-election could improve how the whole of Croydon Council works.


No matter who wins the election, the Labour group will stay in power and the Conservatives will be the main opposition. But you have a chance to wake both of them up and get them to start paying more attention to people like you.


At the moment Labour believe they will win all the council seats in north Croydon and finish second in all the seats in south Croydon. The Conservatives think they will win in the south and come second in the north. This means that they just take your votes for granted and spend all of their time fighting with each other instead of listening to what you want and improving life for people who live in Croydon.


Vote GreenIf you want to change this then you should vote for the Green Party on Thursday.

If the Green Party wins on Thursday, or even comes a close second, it sends a clear message to all the other Councillors that they can no longer take your votes for granted. The more votes the Green Party gets the stronger the message you will send that you want Councillors who care about the people they represent. And that has to be a good thing.



Your vote for the Green Party will show your support for reducing the pollution in the air we breathe.


Your vote for the Green Party will support building proper social housing we really need and oppose building more luxury flats in all the wrong places.


Your vote for the Green Party will show that you want properly funded public services and a council that works for all of us, not just the privileged few.


Your Vote for the Green Party will show that you are fed up with being ignored and you want a Council that listens to its residents.


On Thursday if you vote for the same old parties you’ll just get the same old politics. But if you want something better then vote for Peter Underwood, your Green Party candidate.


Peter Underwood

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