Only the Green Party can beat Labour in South Norwood

23 August 2017

It is becoming clear that the Green Party are the only ones who can overtake Labour and win in South Norwood.


As has been recently reported in the local press, the Conservative Party are only putting up weaker candidates in North Croydon. They clearly don’t expect to win.


In 2014 the Green Party candidates finished ahead of both the Lib Dems and UKIP.  And, while others have slipped back, the Green Party has continued to make real progress.

Gipsy Hill 2016











In the most recent local council by-election in Gipsy Hill the Green vote surged from 11% to over 40%. The Green Party came second by only 34 votes. In South Norwood we know we can go one better and win this election.



On 7 September you have an opportunity to make a real difference. Voting for Labour will just mean more of the same. But if you want something better then vote for Peter Underwood, your Green Party candidate. 


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