South Norwood – working with the community and working for the community

16 August 2017

In South Norwood we are really lucky to have so many community groups working in so many different areas. This weekend I was able to help out with a couple of local groups.

Love Lane community gardenOn Saturday I went along for a couple of hours to help the clean-up at the Love Lane garden and play space. Not too long ago this was an overgrown piece of waste ground, home to brambles and fly-tipping. But a few local residents got together and decided that this place could be so much more. Through their efforts it has been transformed into a wonderful little garden and play area that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

St.Johns Meadow Community GardenOn Sunday I was up at St.John’s church to lend a hand to the community gardeners and beekeepers. They have taken an unused area and have had great success growing food in the community garden. They have added bee hives and have plans to expand the garden and provide opportunities for more people to get involved.


St.Johns Meadow Beekeeping

In the past I have worked with the Friends of Westow Park and the new group looking after Stambourne Woodland Walk. There also other fantastic community projects such as the South Norwood Kitchen and all of the work around Stanley Halls alongside may others. 


It is clear that the residents of South Norwood have a lot to give and are willing to put in the effort to improve their area. So I think it is a great shame when Croydon Council doesn’t make the most of that community spirit. Too often we see so-called consultations where the concerns of residents are just brushed aside and their wishes are just ignored.

It may be an old fashioned term but Councillors are supposed to be public servants. Their job is to serve the public not impose their own, or their political party’s, ideas on everyone else.  

I am standing to be your new Councillor and I can promise you that if you elect me on 7 September I will be working for you on Croydon Council. I will work with you to make sure that your voice is heard and your views are not ignored. 

If you want a Councillor that will work with the community and for the community then on 7 September vote for me, Peter Underwood, your Green Party candidate.

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