Electoral Alliances in Croydon and Sutton

20 May 2017

We know that our current electoral system is broken. At the last election the Conservative Party got over 50% of the MPs with only 37% of the vote. The Green Party and UKIP collectively got over 5 million votes but ended up with just one MP each. This showed that our current election system clearly isn’t fair or democratic.

We also know that the Conservative Party is strongly against changing our election system. So, at the start of this election, the Green Party leaders contacted the Labour Party and the LibDems to ask if they would be willing to work together to oust the Conservatives and bring in a fairer election system. But both of these parties said they would not work with us.

We understand that there is a lot of mistrust in politics and so in the Green Party we decided to take the first step.  In a few places local Labour and LibDem candidates agreed to support our aims of reforming the voting system and so we announced that we would not stand a candidate and help them defeat the Conservatives. However, despite this act of faith, Labour and the LibDems have still refused to cooperate on a national alliance.

Any electoral alliance needs to be a true alliance, not a one way street. The Green Party offers people a different way of doing politics and a range of innovative policy solutions and it would be wrong to deny people the opportunity to vote Green without something in return.

At both a national and local level we have not been offered an alliance by either the Labour Party or the LibDems and so we will be standing a Green Party candidate in all of the Croydon and Sutton constituencies as we have done before.

In the Green Party we have always said that people should vote for the party they believe in. We know that many former LibDem, Labour, UKIP, and Conservative voters have decided that they will vote for the Green Party this time. I can assure them that we will continue to fight for fairness in both our election system and society as a whole.

Peter Underwood

Co-Chair of Croydon & Sutton Green Party

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