Politics and the Courts

14 May 2017


Elections are not just about being the winning party; they are also about electing MPs to hold the Government to account. The fact that the Green Party is unlikely to form a government after this election does not prevent us from being very effective in Parliament. In Europe the Greens, including Molly Scott Cato, have successfully won a formal investigation of “dieselgate,” the cheating of emissions tests by car manufacturers. At home Greens were on the winning side, supporting Gina Miller’s successful argument for Parliament to have a vote on Article 50.


By contrast on both issues – air quality and Article 50 – the government has been on the losing side, spending public money on court battles that did not have the law on their side. It is not ideal when it is the courts rather than Parliament who have to hold government – of whatever political colour - to account. However, the Green Party has the track record to show that it is an effective opposition whether through the courts or in Parliament. A vote for the Green Party shows you do want an effective opposition in Parliament to keep the Government in check.  



Rev Dr Catherine Shelley

Green Party for Croydon South

Twitter: @revdrcathgreen1

Email: Catherine.Shelley@croydon.greenparty.org.uk

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