Tracey Hague: Green Party London Assembly candidate for Croydon and Sutton

7 November 2015

The Green Party have announced their selection of Tracey Hague as their candidate for the constituency of Croydon & Sutton at next year's London Assembly elections.

Tracey is Croydon born and bred and lives with her partner and two sons in Addiscombe. For the past 15 years Tracey has worked in the energy and buildings sector, and she is an active member of the parents' association at her sons' school and the Croydon Scouts. She has also served on the Addiscombe Safer Neighbourhoods Team and her local Residents Association. Tracey is an active member of Stop The Incinerator campaign and now vice-chair of the Croydon Assembly Environment Forum.

Tracey said:

"I am proud to be selected as the Green Party candidate for Croydon and Sutton at next year's assembly elections. I know what life is really like for people who live in the area: trying to keep a roof over our heads, pay the bills and do the best for our families.

London is crying out for a new kind of politics. People are fed up with our city being run for the benefit of bankers, media moguls and millionaire developers. Only the Green Party is working for the benefit of all Londoners: tackling inequality, filthy air, a struggling transport network and a broken housing system.

At the last London elections the Green Party came third with two Green Party Assembly members elected. I will work with my fellow Green candidates and our brilliant Mayoral candidate, Sian Berry, to build on that success to establish a strong Green voice in the Assembly and give London back to Londoners."




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