Jay's Letter to the Croydon Guardian

18 November 2012

Austerity politics not the only choice on offer.


Many will be saddened at the death of Malcolm Wicks, MP for Croydon North.


Residents still have a chance if they are disillusioned with the austerity policies of the three main parties, to vote for an alternative.


The Green Party is different. We believe austerity merely prolongs recession (as does the IMF); we should invest in new jobs especially in renewable energy; scrap the increasingly expensive Trident programme; bring troops home from Afghanistan for Christmas; hold down household fuel bills by regularion of the energy companies; and reform the monetary system so that the banks can never again hold the nation to ransom; set up a people's bank that does not gamble with savers' money, or use it to pay big bonuses.


By voting for Khan, the Green Party candidate, as MP for Croydon North, there is an opportunity to have a fresh voice in Parliament, as well as an MP who will fight for people's welfare.


Jay Ginn, Coulsdon.

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