Croydon Green Party: Out and About

18 November 2012

The Croydon Green party have been out and about in Croydon North this weekend, speaking to residents.

A group of members from the Croydon Green Party, including parliamentary candidate Shasha Khan, have been hearing from people living in South Norwood about how they feel on a wide range of issues, including the proposed Beddington Incinerator, the amount of rubbish on local streets and the fear about decreasing police numbers.

Liam Fretwell, Media Officer for the Croydon Greens, said: “It’s great to be on the doorstep, hearing from real people with real concerns.  We’ve learned that there’s a real hunger in Croydon North for a change.

He continued: “We were proud to be out there, cutting through the political bickering that has blighted Croydon politics for so long and getting right into the heart of what makes Croydon such a great place: the people who live there. The dissatisfaction residents of South Norwood are feeling, with both the Tory council and the Labour ward councillors – not to mention the choice of Labour candidate – is something we Greens are perfectly set to remedy. A Green MP on November 29th is exactly what Croydon needs and we can see now that amongst Croydon residents there’s real hope for a brighter future.”

The party will be out again repeatedly in the lead up to the by-election, which takes place on November 29th.  If you want to ask Green Party candidate Shasha Khan about any issues or concerns you may have, or if you just want a chat, please contact Shasha at .uk alternatively you can follow us on Twitter  ( @croydongreens ) or like the ‘Shasha Khan for Croydon North’ Facebook Page.

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