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UPDATE December 2015:

The permission to appeal was turned down in December 2015. In April 2015 a final attempt to send the decision to the Court of Appeal was rejected by Lord Justice Sales at an oral hearing. In July 2015 Viridor started constructing the incinerator. However, a number of corruption allegations have now been unearthed about the decision to approve planning permission. These have appeared in local newspapers and national news media, including Private Eye and Guido Fawkes. Green Party peer, Baroness Jones has asked questions in parliament specifically about one of the allegations.

UPDATE November 2014:

An application for permission to appeal the decision of the judge in the High Court has been filed on behalf of Mr Khan by his solicitors. The grounds for appealing lie in the judge’s approach to the waste policies governing the use of the Beddington site and the assessment of whether very special circumstances exist to justify the harm caused by the proposed development. The Court of Appeal will now decide whether to grant permission to appeal, a process which will most likely take several weeks.

Shasha Khan said, ‘I met with residents, conservationists and the Beddington Farmlands Bird Group and have been encouraged to fight on and apply directly to the Court of Appeal. It was something I was actually quite keen to do.’ Find out more

UPDATE October 2014:

Green Party members, campaigners and local residents gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London this week (9-10 October), to mark the judicial review of Sutton Council's decision to approve plans for an incinerator in Beddington Lane.      

Shasha Khan, claimant for the judicial review, said,

'It is one thing to say you are going to mount a legal challenge but to actually get to the high court is quite something. It has been an epic journey.'

'It is amazing how the community has been supporting our campaign to help raise the funds required to take Sutton council to judicial review.' 

Watch Shasha (pictured with Deputy Green Leader, Dr Shahrar Ali) speaking ahead of the judicial review hearing.

The latest information about the campaign and the judicial review can be found here: Stop the Incinerator.

UPDATE May 2014:

Shasha Khan at Royal Courts of Justice

Local Green Party coordinator Shasha Khan is the claimant for a judicial review to stop the South London incinerator.

Shasha said, 

'Social and environmental costs have to be given preference over the bottom line. Future generations are going to ask; why did the council allow this to happen? These plans are bad for our health, bad for the environment and bad for our pocket.'

The latest information about the campaign and the judicial review can be found here: Stop the Incinerator.


Croydon Green Party oppose the plans to build an incinerator in Beddington Lane.

 Objections include:

  • The potential risks to human health from the waste gasses and nano-particles
  • The lack of need for an incinerator due to big increases in recycling, and a fall in the amount of domestic waste
  • The poor value for money to residents for such long 25-year contracts.
  • The impact on residents of increased traffic on Beddington Lane. The dust, noise and vibration from existing traffic are already unacceptable
  • The poor quality of the traffic and environmental impact assessments that were done
  • The loss of Metropolitan Open Land to allow construction of an incinerator, goes against common sense and the London Plan, and national planning guidelines
  • The proposed building would be overbearing on the proposed country park next door
  • The potential impact on birds, including rare tree sparrows, at Beddington Farmlands, one of the few urban wildlife reserves in London
  • The proposed neighbourhood heating is unlikely to ever happen, and is being used to help justify the scheme
  • Energy from waste facilities (incinerators) produce vast amounts of CO2 gas, the principal cause of climate change, and should be avoided. They are also an inefficient way to generate electricity
  • It is unfair on the people of Beddington to be expected to host yet another waste facility in their neighbourhood
  • Burning domestic waste will result in burning lots of recyclable materials. This is a waste of our resources.The incinerator will depress recycling rates.Waste for incineration will be imported to Beddington from outside the four local boroughs (Croydon, Sutton, Merton, and Kingston), with waste coming from other parts of England, creating more traffic and pollution.

Watch now

These clips provide background to the planned incinerator in Beddington Lane, why Croydon Greens oppose the plans and what the party would do to tackle the waste problem we face in the borough.